How we work

6 easy steps

1. Send your project draft

Want to create a website/mobile apps/company software? Send us your project proposal!

We will review your project proposal, and reach you very soon!

Click button below to start.

2. Meet with our team

Once we done with your proposal, we will contact you and ask for a meetup.

You can make a personal appointment with our team to discuss about your project.

Feel free to communicate your ideas.

3. We create flows

Once we get what you need, we will convert what you taught into diagrams, flows, and simple mockups*. We will discuss with our tech team about your project timeline.

* if necessary

4. We deliver the official project proposal and MOU to you

Once our internal discussion is done, we will deliver the project proposal to you, together with the MOU aggreement and payment mechanism.

5. Everything OK? We start to develop

You feel OK with the MOU, flows, and mockups and ready to pay the down-payment?

Once you pay the down-payment, it means that your project's ground breaking is ready to start.

Through this process, we will always keep in touch with you, so you can see the progress.

6. Voila!

You apps is done and ready to deploy! You will get benefit up to 1 year guarantee (include: free maintenance and free to request new features). You can choose whether you want to deploy to your own cloud or use our EzSetup services.

About Asinkronus

Asinkronus is a tech company. Right now we focus on helping people/company/startup to build their websites, mobile apps, company systems, etc.

Our priority is helping our clients to build their high quality apps with very affordable price.

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